Breathing Exercises Are Clinically Proven To Improve Countless Health Issues

In a great article at, Dr. Herbert Benson, head of hypertension studies at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital and author of “The Relaxation Response,” goes further to suggest that Tai Chi’s moving meditation is:

“…vitally important in PMS, infertility, hot flashes, insomnia,…"

Listen to what 63-year old Kathy F, has to say about Healing Exercise:

"I've had a back ache for 30-years. I started Healing Exercise a week ago, and my back ache is gone !"

Healing Exercise has been scientifically proven to:

tick Significantly reduce blood pressure
tick Increase cardiovascular and respiratory function
tick Slow the aspects of aging
tick Reduce neck and back pain
tick Spectacularly boost immune response
tick Reduce the incidence of:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • and mood disturbance
tick Relieve stress
tick Boost metabolism
tick Balance hormone levels
tick Improve vestibular balance
tick Increase bone density
tick Improve energy and curb fatigue
tick Enhance sexual performance
tick Dramatically reduce the pain
and stiffness of osteoarthritis
tick Help control eating disorders
tick Reduce insomnia and enhance sleeping
tick Facilitate sustainable weight loss
and more !

Here's How You Can Dramatically Your Health Issues:

Solution #1: Use our Sitting Tai Chi DVD to Practice Breathing and Relaxing Exercise

Ultra-soothing face and ear massage triggers stimulation of internal organs and rejuvination

Verbal cues for breathing and relaxation integrate smoothly with natural movements to energize the body and alleviate stressors
Practice of this simple breathing instructional will develop superior breathing habits and accelerate the repair process.

Deep breathing coordiinated with gentle, thorough, and proper mobilization of all the joints activate the body's optimal repair mode. Scores of clinical studies prove it.

Each of the three segments is perfect for sedentariness, injury, debilitation and post-operation.

Solution #2: Use our Standing Energy Practice DVD to Boost Mobility, Immunity and Balance

Learn the principles of proper posture. Hint: It should be comfortable and sustainable.

Learn waist turning movements that stabilize, heal and transform the body. Hint: These movements are natural.
Learn our special gait exercise to rejuvinate your body by properly stretching the connective tissues of the joints. This will increase your balance manifold. Hint: Rotatation of the waist is the key to whole-body rejuvination.

Standing upright movements such as waist turning, weight shifting, bending, and natural, circular motions will bring you coordination, balance and sure-footedness.

This DVD is perfect for gentle, beneficial exercise. It requires very little space and provides the kind of movements your body needs to heal itself.

Solution #3: Use our GoldenForm Tai Chi DVD to Fix and Tonify Your Entire Body

Amazing warm-up exercises to stretch your waist & hips and strengthen your balance, back & core.

A detailed breakdown of each movement, with two camera angles, slow-motion descriptions of the movements, and multiple macros/zooms-ins.
A non-stop demonstration of the entire form, as viewed from the back so that you can follow right along.

The Golden Form DVD was created sparing no expense, and with the highest standards in mind. It is in fact the greatest Tai Chi instructional ever produced. Other Tai Chi DVDs will only confuse you.

Not only is this DVD invaluable to your health, but it is a treasure and a keepsake to enjoy for years and years.


You are about to take the first step toward self-healing and total elimination of your health issues. I am going to put your DVD package in the mail to you right away !

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Thank you for reading and I hope you decide to get involved
in the Tai Chi movement. It's exciting, rewarding and will
change your physical and mental health forever.

To our healthy future

Tommy Kirchhoff
Fourth-generation Fu Style Tai Chi Teacher
My personal email: help "AT" HealingExercise "DOT" org